Intelligent Working

With the features of the Solutos Care Optimizer you can

  • Analyze the previous service use in your organization or unit and find opportunities for care improvement.
  • Transform the patients’ care by introducing predefined, evidence-based care plan and intervention templates.
  • Track the execution of these care plans and notify staff of possible deviations from the plan.
  • Share networked collaborative care plans across interdisciplinary, organizational and sector boundaries.
  • Make the care process transparent by involving the patient in the care plans by providing the patient or even the whole family with access to the Solutos Care Optimizer

How does the Solutos Care Optimizer work?

The care plan is an essential part of all care whether you are working in mental health, social services or the community services for the elderly. However, the care plan is usually just a piece of text hidden in the EHR or patient records. There’s no simple way to track if the plan is ever carried out – good intentions don’t equal good care.

With the Solutos Care Optimizer you will plan your patients’ care in a structured way. First, you define the care templates used in your organization or select from our set of predefined templates. We call these building blocks the “interventions”. For each intervention the availability, duration and frequency are defined along with any surveys or questionnaires with which you wish to use to measure the quality of care.
During the first visit, you select the appropriate intervention from the catalogue, optionally set the goals together with the patient and enter them in the Optimizer, and simply click the start button. Now the Solutos Care Optimizer is tracking the visits and reminds you when the midterm or final assessment is due.

The interventions are automatically shared with the whole team. This way your psychologist or social worker stays up-to-date with the care plan and can add their own interventions with no risk of overlapping work. The system notifies you if other interventions are added to your patients’ care plan.

The Snapshot View in the Solutos Care Optimizer shows your active interventions and workload along with referrals from other team members or units. The Snapshot View gives you complete control over your patient workflow and notifies you if any plans are overdue.