Intelligent Planning

Solutos has developed the Solutos Care Optimizer for analyzing, optimizing and tracking of care plans in mental health, substance abuse and family services. The solution is best suited in care settings where patients or clients have a chronic illness or long-lasting social issues (e.g. the “heavy” service users), or benefit from a multi-professional approach to care.

Why Care Optimization should matter?

The Finnish care statistics from over one million visits show that in mental health services the average length of care in a psychiatric polyclinic exceeds two years and the average frequency of visits is below 0.5 per week. For example, the evidence-based practice guidelines for depression recommend high intensity treatment (at least weekly therapeutic visits) for moderate and severe cases during acute illness (Reference). Most of the treatment effect is achieved during the first six months of treatment (Reference). By introducing interventions included in the Care Optimizer it is possible to guide the treatment towards evidence-based practice resulting in both better recovery from illness and a calculated 30% reduction of workload in clinics.