For better care

In the resulting optimized workflow the care plans are entered into the Solutos platform running parallel to the existing Electronic Health or Client Registry. No double recording of patient/client information is needed, since the care plan is started only once and after that the solution takes over. The staff can easily manage their own patient load. The big picture is available for the supervisors and managers with a few clicks.

Ready for Integration

The solution consists of cloud-based software that is first integrated into existing EPR/EHR systems, either by custom integration or via standards-based messaging interface (FHIR / HL7). The service use analysis and modelling can be performed once the communication is established.

It’s all in the Family

In most cases it’s not just the patient you should care for but also their family members. The patients can give their consent to share their care plan with other family members, team members, other units or even volunteer organizations. When the consent is given you can add family members to the Family View and start planning the care for the whole family.

Patient involvement

The involvement of the patient in the care process is known to result in better care. The patients can be given access to the same view their care personnel have. They can contribute to the goals, fulfill questionnaires and track their plans.